The challenge for this custom new home that was built in India was to meet various living requirements for its different occupants.  The clients for this project were not its only end users. We built mainly to house their aging parents but we also had to incorporate a second dwelling unit that could be easily rented out when needed.

Lean Lens Architects successfully manipulated this 3500 sq. ft. home that resulted in the beautiful integration of its exterior and provided all the required flexibility from the interior.

To make the house stand out in the community, we proposed an innovative contemporary design that was very different from the existing urban scape at that time.  Our design boasted clean lines and shape, bold colors, and a clever use of locally available stone for its façades.

We experimented with many environmental and engineering concepts to promote the home’s sustainability.   Since the house was situated in a hot climate, Lean Lens Architects availed of practical techniques to maximize cooling, like orientation, deep recessed windows, and high ceilings.   We also used economical applications for the client’s long-term comfort, such as a bore well for on-site water supply, solar water heating, rain water harvesting, locally made bricks and concrete materials, as well as locally grown and manufactured wood for modular cabinetry and furniture.