In the affluent Cupertino, CA, where Apple's HQ is based, the owners were looking for a holistic landscape design solution to the varied uses of their 1200 sq. ft. backyard.

With the proportion of the yard being predominantly linear, it was further fragmented by a deck that divided the space and made it less accessible and usable.

Lean Lens Architects tore out the deck to create a unified and open paved space and the yard became more accessible and user-friendly.

We maintained the same color palette for its horizontal as well as vertical faces to integrate the entire outdoor and made the space feel more expansive.

The users focused on a high-end outdoor kitchen and introduced drought-resistant plantation to minimize water consumption and maintenance costs.

Lean Lens Architects focused on consolidating the varied requirements and expectations the family had of its space and was able to provide a compelling design after multiple iterations.  The end result was a beautiful homogeneous backyard with a high-end outdoor kitchen, built-in seating along the peripheral walls, and usable open spaces to entertain large crowds.


Cupertino Backyard