Lean Lens Architects are here to help you achieve your mission.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are a boutique architectural design studio that aims to create vibrant and usable spaces, with a focus on sustainability. 

Whether it is building a new custom residence, remodeling an existing space, or designing a new landscape, our creative team can help you realize your dreams.

Every home or workspace is unique, and so are you! 

Each of us may have similar requirements, but our tastes, personalities, and dreams drive us to realize these needs differently.

Our job at Lean Lens Architects is to transform your vision into a compelling visual design that resonates with your personality. We provide support and guidance for all the technical aspects unique to your project. We provide an in-depth knowledge of all stages of construction, ranging from permit and city requirements, to finishes and color, to help you achieve a cohesive solution for each project.


Residential architecture

If you are looking for an architect to take your ideas and transform them into a custom home design, Lean Lens Architects can help you bring your dreams to life!

We can help you visualize your project well before it is constructed.  A number of factors affect how ideas can take shape, such as budget, time frame, and local regulations and jurisdictions. We take all aspects of your design into account as we work towards your goals and ensure that the project evolves from start to finish in a cohesive and efficient manner.


COMMERCIAL tenant improvements

If you are modifying existing tenant spaces to address your specific needs, Lean Lens Architects can help you design your commercial office spaces to optimize their usability.

Whether you are modifying an existing office layout to better suit your operational style or converting it into a completely different use for example a tutoring facility, we are skilled at seamlessly integrating your needs with the existing parameters to dramatically improve the overall flow of space. 


landscape design

If you are looking to spruce up your outdoor spaces as an extension of your indoor spaces to allow you to enjoy your leisure time better, Lean Lens Architects can help you!

Living in California, we have lifestyles that intrinsically enjoy the sunny outdoors.  Being with nature enriches the quality of our daily lives and our social interactions.  Our goal is to create warm welcoming spaces that allow you to seamlessly integrate your comfy indoors to your active outdoors and significantly improve your home and living experience. 



The Bay Area,CA poses unique challenges to its home owners and their housing needs. With limited real estate in desirable neighborhoods many of our clients face the dilemna of how best to add extra square footage to older homes with their own distinctive styles. The effort to integrate growing family needs along with existing real estate is a challenge we at Lean Lens Architects love to rise to!

This family was looking for more entertaining space along with an additional bedroom and bathroom to accomodate visiting parents and guests in their existing 3 bed/2 bath 1500 SFT home. The clients also did not want to move out of their home through the construction phase and wanted us to propose solutions with that in mind.

We added 700 SFT addition to the rear of this home in 2 'wings'. The first wing was added to the living room area which opened up the space to create a extended entertaining area. The second wing was added by relocating an existing bedroom to facilitate addition of another bedroom and bathroom. Careful planning and design choices made early in the planning stages ensured minimal disturbance to their daily lives through the length of the construction.





A backyard design for a client in Saratoga to create a wholesome and comfortable outdoor living environment. They needed a space for their dogs to play while they could sit alongside or hang out on a seamless hot tub and enjoy the amazing view of the hills in the backdrop.

We created 2 schematic solutions for them to choose from with different styles but catering to their requirements.












The homeowners of a ranch style home in the multi-million neighborhood of Saratoga, CA needed to add an office space to accommodate the change in their stage of life.  Instead of typically squeezing an office into the well-used main dwelling unit, Lean Lens Architects was able to take advantage of the home’s oversized detached garage. 

We maintained the requisite two-car parking space and the garage’s integrity, and we were able to carve out an office space with full amenities.

To ensure uninterrupted workflow, we built a full bathroom in the office and strategically located it to be accessible separately to both the office and the garage, hence further optimizing its use for guests and outdoor parties. 

The office itself was designed to serve two professionals, each with their own designated work desk and shelves.  The office’s full functionality is further enhanced with a centralized space for a meeting table. Lean Lens Architects used a highly renewable Bamboo flooring and effectively optimized space with modular furniture in both the garage and office.





The challenge for this custom new home that was built in India was to meet various living requirements for its different occupants.  The clients for this project were not its only end users. We built mainly to house their aging parents but we also had to incorporate a second dwelling unit that could be easily rented out when needed.

Lean Lens Architects successfully manipulated this 3500 sq. ft. home that resulted in the beautiful integration of its exterior and provided all the required flexibility from the interior.

To make the house stand out in the community, we proposed an innovative contemporary design that was very different from the existing urban scape at that time.  Our design boasted clean lines and shape, bold colors, and a clever use of locally available stone for its façades.

We experimented with many environmental and engineering concepts to promote the home’s sustainability.   Since the house was situated in a hot climate, Lean Lens Architects availed of practical techniques to maximize cooling, like orientation, deep recessed windows, and high ceilings.   We also used economical applications for the client’s long-term comfort, such as a bore well for on-site water supply, solar water heating, rain water harvesting, locally made bricks and concrete materials, as well as locally grown and manufactured wood for modular cabinetry and furniture.




In the affluent Cupertino, CA, where Apple's HQ is based, the owners were looking for a holistic landscape design solution to the varied uses of their 1200 sq. ft. backyard.

With the proportion of the yard being predominantly linear, it was further fragmented by a deck that divided the space and made it less accessible and usable.

Lean Lens Architects tore out the deck to create a unified and open paved space and the yard became more accessible and user-friendly.

We maintained the same color palette for its horizontal as well as vertical faces to integrate the entire outdoor and made the space feel more expansive.

The users focused on a high-end outdoor kitchen and introduced drought-resistant plantation to minimize water consumption and maintenance costs.

Lean Lens Architects focused on consolidating the varied requirements and expectations the family had of its space and was able to provide a compelling design after multiple iterations.  The end result was a beautiful homogeneous backyard with a high-end outdoor kitchen, built-in seating along the peripheral walls, and usable open spaces to entertain large crowds.


Cupertino Backyard



This Saratoga house had a backyard that was divided into two areas because the location of its detached garage cut into a big part of the back lot.  What seemed like an inaccessible and disconnected part of the backyard turned out to be a boon in disguise.  Its sunny and concealed condition made it an ideal location for an unobtrusive vegetable garden.

Lean Lens Architects was able to design a thriving sustainable garden dedicated to the growth of fresh produce and succulent vine-ripened vegetables that is harvested by the family.



At Lean Lens Architects, we are always looking for ways to collaborate with our clients and go above and beyond, so we can enhance their comfort and lifestyle but also focus on integrating sustainable methodologies.

We love to focus our attention on long-term healthy living and educate our clients on improving their well-being by building consciously, while improving energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality. 

The good news is that making more environmentally friendly choices not only offer more tangible comforts for those who live in it, but also improve home resale value and increase market success over other average homes.