The homeowners of a ranch style home in the multi-million neighborhood of Saratoga, CA needed to add an office space to accommodate the change in their stage of life.  Instead of typically squeezing an office into the well-used main dwelling unit, Lean Lens Architects was able to take advantage of the home’s oversized detached garage. 

We maintained the requisite two-car parking space and the garage’s integrity, and we were able to carve out an office space with full amenities.

To ensure uninterrupted workflow, we built a full bathroom in the office and strategically located it to be accessible separately to both the office and the garage, hence further optimizing its use for guests and outdoor parties. 

The office itself was designed to serve two professionals, each with their own designated work desk and shelves.  The office’s full functionality is further enhanced with a centralized space for a meeting table. Lean Lens Architects used a highly renewable Bamboo flooring and effectively optimized space with modular furniture in both the garage and office.