Lean Lens Architects is here to help!

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are a boutique architectural design studio that aims to create vibrant and usable spaces, with a focus on sustainability. 

Whether it is building a new custom residence, remodeling an existing space, or designing a new landscape, our creative team can help you realize your dreams.

Every home or workspace is unique, and so are you! 

Each of us may have similar requirements, but our tastes, personalities, and dreams drive us to realize these needs differently.

Our job at Lean Lens Architects is to transform your vision into a compelling visual design that resonates with your personality. We provide support and guidance for all the technical aspects unique to your project. We provide an in-depth knowledge of all stages of construction, ranging from permit and city requirements, to finishes and color, to help you achieve a cohesive solution for each project.