If you are looking for an architect to take your ideas and transform them into a custom home design, Lean Lens Architects can help you bring your dreams to life!

We can help you visualize your project well before it is constructed.  A number of factors affect how ideas can take shape, such as budget, time frame, and local regulations and jurisdictions. We take all aspects of your design into account as we work towards your goals and ensure that the project evolves from start to finish in a cohesive and efficient manner.


If you are modifying existing tenant spaces to address your specific needs, Lean Lens Architects can help you design your commercial office spaces to optimize their usability.

Whether you are modifying an existing office layout to better suit your operational style or converting it into a completely different use for example a tutoring facility, we are skilled at seamlessly integrating your needs with the existing parameters to dramatically improve the overall flow of space. 



If you are looking to spruce up your outdoor spaces as an extension of your indoor spaces to allow you to enjoy your leisure time better, Lean Lens Architects can help you!

Living in California, we have lifestyles that intrinsically enjoy the sunny outdoors.  Being with nature enriches the quality of our daily lives and our social interactions.  Our goal is to create warm welcoming spaces that allow you to seamlessly integrate your comfy indoors to your active outdoors and significantly improve your home and living experience.